Cars: the single made from car sounds

‘Dance Music with a Vehicular Twist’

Mark Marrington, the creator of ‘Cars’, says: ‘The idea of arranging a collection of car noises into a concentrated listening experience might at first come across as a joke, given that these are potentially among the most intrusive and irritating sounds in our environment. Viewed another way the track serves to remind us that, even after 100 years of listening to recorded sounds, we still exclude a considerable amount of sonic information from our definition of music and in doing so we may be missing something interesting.’

STOP PRESS: ‘Cars’ now has a specially commissioned video by Croftwerk (Manchester):

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Recent press comment

‘A quite brilliant sampled instrumental soundscape — technically and musically outstanding. It took me about 10 seconds from hitting “play” to earmarking this as a standout track to open this week’s BBC Introducing Mixtape.’ (Tom Robinson, BBC6)

‘A sound effect extravaganza and a very well put together piece of music. It comes across like a highly creative experiment by some zany 1960s BBC engineer: fun, well-made and certain to get producers of TV shows about cars purring.’ (Johnno Casson, recording artist and reviewer for BBC6).

29.3.12. Mark Marrington talks about his new track ‘Cars’ with Peter Dick and Mary Collier live on 4BC Radio (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia). The copyright in this sound recording is owned exclusively by 4BC Radio – no unauthorized reproduction is permitted.

6.4.12. Mark Marrington talks about ‘Cars’ with Jake Yapp, live on BBC Radio Leeds. The copyright in this sound recording is owned exclusively by BBC Radio – no unauthorized reproduction is permitted.

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